PMP Vs CAPM: Which Is The "Just Right" Certification For You?

PMP Vs CAPM: Which Is The "Just Right" Certification For You?

CAPM or PMP???

One of many very commonly asked questions... being raised by fresh as well as experienced project professionals every now & then...

So... why not discuss the subject intimately & make it easy for the project workers to equip themselves with the certification that is apt for them.

Well... to start with... both CAPM (Certified Affiliate in Project Administration) & PMP (Project Management Professional) certifications are being offered by the same organization i.e. Project Management Institute (PMI), USA.

Both serve as valuable milestones in one's career, and are capable of adding significant prominence to a person's profile.

Nevertheless, the difference lies within the stage of credibility as well as in the eligibility requirements of the 2 credentials.

PMP certification is undoubtedly a Degree Up when compared with CAPM... however as a result the eligibility necessities are also comparatively more intense & extended.

While on one end, PMP certification requires the candidates to own the requisite knowledge & experience throughout the project lifecycle (3 or 5 years of project expertise depending on the basic qualification + 35 contact hours of project administration education), CAPM just requires its aspirants to realize sufficient knowledge in project domain i.e. 23 hours of project administration education.

This infers that though CAPM can be acquired at any stage of the career, PMP cannot be attained until & unless the candidate possesses the requisite years of project experience.

PMP is thus aimed for knowledgeable & experienced project professionals; nevertheless CAPM is targeted for those who have little or no expertise of working on projects.

CAPM examination can also be totally primarily based on PMBoK Guide, while PMP requires the candidates to discuss with different project management books as well, in addition to PMBoK.

In other words, CAPM serves as a agency basis for those who are either new to the realm, or do not need requisite professional experience. It makes the candidates aware of the essential project administration ideas & terminologies... and eases their path to PMP certification.

PMP designation, on the other hand, speaks for itself! It demonstrates that the individual holding the celebrated certification has an eye for perfection and is capable of delivering successful projects, one over the other.

To make it simple, let's put it this way... If CAPM is a Kick Start for Your Career, PMP is a Contact of Excellence for Your Profile!

Hope you bought the point...

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