A Deadly Mistake Uncovered On Slotoff.com And How To Avoid It

A Deadly Mistake Uncovered On Slotoff.com And How To Avoid It

Of our many trips to Reno, Nevada over the years, there is one trip in particular that Rex will not let me forget. The actual details of it are sketchy, but the highlight always remains the same. I messed up on something and he gets to hold it over my head for life. He, along with any other male out there, lives for holding things over their wife's heads when they find out they were right about something. Every time we go to Reno, we have a set budget and it usually means we are playing nickel games.

We've even played penny games at a great joint called Old Reno, which is no longer there. That lovely little casino has been demolished along with Fitagerald's to make way for new condos. Old Reno was great. It was exactly what the name implied. It was a cozy little hole in the wall casino. It had the old cowboy décor and you felt at home when you walked in the front doors. It wasn't glitzy or snazzy; instead it was old west at its best.

This wonderful casino did not have the deafening array of coins falling into metal trays, or the constant singing of every machine's theme music. No, this casino had the old style slot machines, the kind where you actually pulled the arm down, and old style video poker machines as well. It did have some newer style slot machines where all you did was put in your money and hit buttons, but even the sounds on those were turned down so they did not disrupt the neighbors a few machines over.

The lights in this casino were warm and inviting, not bright and flashing to give everyone a headache. Everyone smiled at each other and spoke to you like you were old friends even though you'd just met. On the way in, we would peruse all the slot machines and dream of playing them. There was this one game called Double Diamond Deluxe, a newer style game at the time. Rex loved it. It had three reels with jumbo diamonds as some of the symbols.

The diamonds were either right side up, or upside down. Whichever way their point was facing at the time the reels stopped, the reels would either go up or down a notch and sit on the pay line. These were usually quarter machines and Rex always wanted to play them, but we never seemed to have the money. One time, when I wasn't looking, he did it anyway, just to see, and almost right away we heard the 'ding ding ding' of a payout! He was shocked and amazed at what had happened.

People turned to look at us and then smiled in recognition of his win. Me, I was happy for him and at the same time, insanely jealous that he had this gift of finding machines on the verge of payouts. He was very happy with his win, and after we collected his winnings, we proceeded down the main aisle to the back of the casino where the penny slots were housed. I really liked this place because of the old time feel, and the fact that it was never really crowded.

There were the regulars there, and then there were the tourists. You could definitely tell them apart just by their attitudes. The tourists had two different attitudes to deal with. The newbies were very anxious and got lost easy. They insisted on showing their identification every time they bought nickels and had to explain the fact that they were from out of state and http://slotoff.com/ (http://slotoff.com) traveled day and night just to see the city.

The other type of newbies just sat there at their machines, anxious for the attendant to come and fix every little nuance about the machines. If the button stuck or if the lights were going dim, then they had to be the first to report it to management. I admit that we were like both sets of newbies the first few times we went. We started going to Reno when we both turned 21. (And yes, we live out of state.) I liked the old timers, the regulars. Now, not all of them were old you see.

They were of all legal ages, but were old timers in this joint just by the way they carried themselves. That is what I aspired to be. So, with as much confidence as I could muster, we sauntered to the back end of the casino and sat down at the treasured penny slots. At first we thought we would be saving quite a bit of money by playing the penny slots. Heck, it was only a penny a line and there were nine lines.