What's Huawei Health Kit?

What's Huawei Health Kit?

Huawei health kit in short we can say health kit, it is basically an ecosystem which permits apps to access fitness and health data. It can have all types data like steps, calories, coronary heart rate, Activity data like walking, running, cycling etc. It's hard to know how a lot or what kind of activity it's essential keep healthy. So it lets you stay healthy.

Huawei Health provides professional sports guidance in your sport (Phones with android 4.4.four and above are supported, but the RAM should be greater than 2G)

Options of Health kit.

Data storage: Provides a data platform for builders to store fitness and health data.

Data openness: Provides a wide range of fitness and health APIs and supports sharing of the assorted fitness and health data, together with step rely, weight, and coronary heart rate.

Data access authorization management: Provides settings for customers and builders, so customers can manage developers access to health and fitness data, guaranteeing users data privacy and authorized rights.

Integration types

· Health Kit SDK: Your app can acquire users data licensed by data type, as well as get hold of sensor data connected to the phone in real time or change data with the Health data storage center.

· Health Kit REST API: Your app or app server can acquire independently licensed data of a user, as well as exchange data with the Health cloud.

Utilizing health we can have many features.

Daily goals

Save Power

Performance report

Every day Activities

Workout Buddies

History report

Leaderboard or Achievements

Sedentary reminder

1) Each day Goals: In your application you can have day by day goals with respect to Steps, Walking, Running, Cycling etc. Using steps rely you'll be able to calculate the energy burnt and distance covered utilizing stride size (Distance = stride length * Number of steps in day). Utilizing health kit you can save and get fitness and health data daily bases. See your daily progress on your Heart Points and Steps goal. Assembly your goals on a regular basis? Easily adjust your goals to keep challenging your self to achieve a healthy heart and min.

2) Save Power: Instead of getting data from the pedometer directly, get the data from the health kit data heart which helps to save lots of the ability consumption.

3) Performance report: Using the health kit application can show the statistics of the person Day by day, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly data. Report calories, time and distance with clear charts. We accurately analyze calorie consumption based mostly on data, which may also help you to manage your body scientifically

4) Day by day activities: Application can have activities like walking, running, cycling based on every day goals or weekly goals or month-to-month goals. Activities data can be stored to Huawei health kit using Huawei Id.

5) Workout buddies: Application can have list of contact the place users can ship request to other user. And other person can accept request or reject request. Once person accept request each other can see the user workout data. Depends upon the workout share users can clap, nudge or cheers. Customers can have challenges between them.

6) History: Application can show previous history of the fitness and health data. Data can show in graphical view with report Each day, Weekly, Month-to-month and Yearly.

7) Leaderboard or Achievement: Application can show the achievement depends upon the consumer goals application can ship the badges, medals to make positive customers are engaged. Application should have a set of medals, badges to provide users when customers achieve certain goals.

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