Find Out How To Spray Latex Paint

Find Out How To Spray Latex Paint

The fastest way to get the smoothest finish with latex paint is to use an airless paint sprayer, which you can lease for less than $100 a day. (Other sprayers are less expensive however require you to thin the paint to a exact consistency.) As you observe these spraying guidelines, be sure to wear a disposable respirator and cover anything within the neighborhood that you don't need paint droplets to land on.

Prime the sprayer. Fit the gun with the proper-sized tip (see TOH Tip, under). Then stick the sprayer's siphon tube in a clean bucket of paint, and fill the sprayer, hose, and gun in line with the instruction manual.

Set the pressure. Turn the sprayer's pressure-­adjustment knob to the bottom setting beneficial by the paint manufacturer. Hold the gun 12 to 14 inches away from a scrap piece of cardboard or paper and spray a test line with one uniform stroke of your arm. If the paint spits out of the gun or thin lines appear above and beneath the principle stream, the pressure is just too low. Turn the knob up slightly and test-spray one other line. If the coverage is just too light or there's a lot of overspray, the pressure is simply too high. The pressure is just right when the paint flows evenly out of the gun in a single stream.

Spray the edges. Hold the gun tip 12 to 14 inches away from and perpendicular to the edge. Apply the spray in one fluid motion in order that an equal amount of spray goes past the highest and bottom edges, as shown above.

Spray the faces. Hold the gun tip 12 to 14 inches away from and perpendicular to the face of the door or cabinet frame. Utilizing the same smooth, uniform motion as above, overlap every pass by 50 percent. Flush out the sprayer. At the end of every day's spray­ing session, remove and brush-clean the gun's tip and spray guard. Stick the siphon tube in a bucket of clean water, and pump the water through the sprayer, hose, and gun into a waste bucket, in accordance with the instructions in the manual. Continue flushing until only clear water comes out.

TOH Tip: You can find the specs for a gun's tip dimension and sprayer pressure for the paint you want to use in the technical data sheets on the producer's website.

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