Find Out How To Shave With A Safety Razor

Find Out How To Shave With A Safety Razor

Step 1: Pre-Shave Routine
I can’t emphasize doing a pre-shave routine enough. But, what does this imply? For one thing, you can take a hot shower, which makes your hair soft. When you don’t want to shower, you should use a wet towel. The way I do it's I just make a towel wet, put it within the microwave for a minute to make it sizzling, put it on my face, and let it relaxation there. It’s very comforting, however it also helps my hair to get soft. If that’s an excessive amount of time for you, you may also splash your face with hot water for a minute or , till you may really feel that your hair is getting soft.

Step 2: Apply Shaving Cream
Applying shaving cream or shaving lather to your face is next. In case you’re in a hurry, I recommend you get shaving cream from a tube. Never use cream from aerosol cans, because these products don’t have sufficient fat (which is a natural lubricant). You may as well use a shaving soap, however you’ll want a brush to lather it up and it takes a bit more time.

That being said, using the shaving brush is probably the very best approach overall, because it places the lather throughout every hair. It additionally may aid in moving your hair slightly away from your face, which makes the shave easier. When you’ve got the shaving cream or a lather in your face, it’s time to truly shave.

Step three: Start Shaving, With the Grain
At this level, load up your razor’s head together with your blade of choice, and ensure it’s straight and never crooked (because you don’t want to reduce your self). Begin the first pass; don’t fear about removing all of your hair, as a second and (optional) third pass will provide a wonderfully smooth result. When you are just beginning out, I always suggest to stand in front of the mirror and look at the expansion directions of your beard hair earlier than you even start shaving or lathering up. When you can’t remember how your beard grows, use a pen and paper to diagram the directions you think your hair is growing. Actually, it’s very simple. Just look at it intently and you’ll see it.

Why is it vital to do this, you ask? Well, within the first pass, you want to shave within the direction of your hair grain (or "with the grain"), which is much less anxious in your skin. Honestly, each man has a slightly totally different progress direction, so it’s hard to make blanket statements. Personally, I’ve memorized my growth directions, so I know exactly in what way I have to shave.

While you make a pass, always be sure that your skin is tight or stretched because if there’s loose skin, you’re a lot more likely to reduce yourself. I always use my free left hand to stretch my skin just within the space the place I’m going to shave next. For instance, that may imply pulling round your sideburn or reaching overhead to tug up, to tighten the world just before the razor blade goes over it. Generally round your cheeks, it's also possible to just puff them out with enough air to make the skin tight. Within the area below your nostril and round your mouth, it's also possible to tighten your skin with your muscle groups, or just use your tongue from the inside.

epending on the head of your double-edged razor, you must hold your deal with at an angle of about 30 to 45 degrees. You’ll hear what the best angle is once you do the pass. While you do the pass, you wish to be very light on the skin. Don’t have any sturdy pressure, just use gravity to slide the razor down in your face. Ensure that you make quick and gradual strokes. If you begin, be sure you shave in straight strokes perpendicular to the edge of the blade; that way you’re less more likely to lower yourself. Once you’re slightly more advanced, You can too have a slight stride; which means you go at a slight angle, because this type of movement creates a stronger cutting motion.

Alternatively, you might get a deal with that is slightly angled, so if you pull down your handle straight it always cuts the hair at an angle, therefore enhancing the chopping motion just like on a guillotine. Frankly, I only suggest these angled heads for individuals with very thick hair, because it makes for a more aggressive razor; when you have just very thin beard hair, you continue to get the identical result with a less aggressive razor, and your skin will thank you for it.

When you’re completed with one or strokes, just swap to the other side of the blade, and repeat as soon as or twice.

Step four: Rinse the Blade After Using Each Side
You'll be able to either do this under running water or in a sink that’s filled with water. For those who feel any sort of pulling or any pain whenever you shave with a DE razor, it either signifies that you didn’t do a proper pre-shave routine, or that your blade is dull.

In the event you use shaving cream, you possibly can clearly see where you’ve already shaved. Personally, I wish to have a bit of bit of additional shaving cream in my free hand, so I can apply it after each pass. You may’t have an excessive amount of shaving cream on your skin whenever you shave, because the cream protects and lubricates the skin. At first, it might be tempting to go over the same space three or 4 instances without reapplying shaving cream; however trust me, it’s better to have new shaving cream utilized each time before you shave.

That being said, whenever you’re just learning a method; everything goes to take you numerous longer, and so by the point you make it out of your proper side to the left side, chances are you'll already expertise a drying feeling in your face. Now, you don’t need a dry shaving cream, because it clogs up the razor and prevents skin protection. Subsequently, should you can feel that it gets slightly drier, wet your hand, go over the realm again, and possibly reapply a little bit of lather or shaving cream so everything is contemporary before you shave over it.

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