Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 - Exciting Workout Mobile Phone

Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 - Exciting Workout Mobile Phone

The Samsung B7610 Pro is a graceful handset to suit all users business & personal requirements for a cell phone. This 159 grams device measures 112 x fifty-seven.8 x 16.2 millimeters.

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The phone comes with Microsoft Windows Mobile half.1 OS. The document Viewer among the mobile encourage all types of documents in a variety of kinds of formats like PDF, Word, Excel too Powerpoint. The special Tracking facility offers Way finder Navigator 7 and A-GPS function. The Quad band technology could cover GSM 850 to GSM 1900. The mobile is known ready for its extensive messaging service which include all varieties of messages like email, SMS, RSS and MMS.

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The handset is recommended for young mobile users as well as business professionals. Young people love exchanging video files, music and images and hence Bluetooth connectivity of cell phone allows for you to do so conveniently. Is undoubtedly standard microUSB port which helps in connecting the handset with compatible devices for exchanging types of files. The business users require speed and HSDPA and WLAN Wi Fi will provide them immaculate connectivity with fabulous step. GPS navigation with A-GPS support is an added facility. For messaging th